Free Women’s Health Exams

FREE Women’s Health Exams and Mammograms Available Daily!

No insurance? Not covered?

No woman should have to neglect her health due to lack of, or inadequate insurance coverage.
To provide Lincoln County women the annual medical tests they need, Lincoln Hospital and North Basin Medical Clinics have teamed up with the Eastern Washington Breast and Cervical Health Program to offer free mammograms, breast exams and pap testing to those with little or no insurance coverage.

This state-funded program not only provides potentially life-saving exams, but referral assistance and treatment for follow-up procedures if something suspicious is found. And because it’s offered at Lincoln Hospital and all three clinics (Wilbur, Reardan & Davenport), women can get timely, local service instead of making another trip to Spokane.

For those who don’t qualify for BCHP, Lincoln Hospital offers “Project Pink.” Donated by caring women across Lincoln County, Project Pink is set up to give mammograms and clinical breast exams to women under 65 years of age who would otherwise fall through the cracks (see below).

free womens health exam


For information or to apply, call the Davenport Clinic at (509) 725-7501.

How do I qualify for BCHP?

  • Be 40-64 years old.
  • Have limited income.
  • Be uninsured or have an insurance plan that doesn’t cover these services.
  • Have an insurance plan that requires a high deductible you cannot afford.
  • Live in Washington State.

What services are covered under BCHP?

  • Clinical Breast Exam
  • Mammogram
  • Pelvic Exam
  • Pap Test
  • Education on breast self-exams
  • Referral assistance and treatment for follow-up procedures.

What if I need follow up procedures?


Dr. Deanna Davidson

If something is found, Dr. Deanna Davidson, Lincoln Hospital’s general and gynecological surgeon, is available locally for follow-up procedures including breast biopsy, lumpectomy, mastectomy, cervical biopsies and laparoscopic treatment of ovarian cysts, endometriosis and hysterectomy. The program may be able to pick up the cost of these procedures.


Am I getting the best quality services?

Stacia Soliday

Stacia Soliday, ARNP

Lincoln Hospital not only offers cutting-edge mammography & ultrasound equipment, but our clinics use only state-of-the-art liquid pap testing for the most accurate results. As for clinical breast exams, Stacia Soliday, ARNP, is a ‘Certified Breast Examiner’ with special training to give the most thorough breast exam.

What if I don’t qualify?
For those who may not qualify for the Breast and Cervical Health Program, Lincoln Hospital does offer free mammograms and clinical breast exams to needy women through its “Project Pink” fund.
“Project Pink” is funded by private donations from local people who want to stamp out breast cancer here in Lincoln County. Lincoln Hospital is proud to be able to offer “Project Pink” to women who have no other way to get basic breast health services.

Who qualifies for “Project Pink”?

  • Women who reside within Lincoln Hospital District #3 boundaries
  • Women under 65 years of age
  • Have no health insurance coverage for a mammogram or have a high deductible
  • Have not had a mammogram within the past 12 months

I qualify for “Project Pink”. Now what do I do?

Make an appointment with “Project Pink” coordinator Gabrielle Chain, MA. She will not only help you with paperwork, but provide information on breast health and aid you in coming up with a plan for your continued care if you need.

Gabrielle Chain, “Project Pink” Coordinator — (509) 725-7501 

How can I support “Project Pink”?

Each “Project Pink” mammogram costs $90 to the program, although its value to the health of Lincoln County women is priceless. Your donations are tax deductible as “Project Pink” is managed by the Lincoln Hospital Foundation.

If you’d like to support us, here are some ideas…

  • Cash donations are always accepted! Check to see if your employer offers matching funds.
  • Attend our fund-raisers! Keep an eye out in Lincoln County publications for advertisements on events supporting “Project Pink.”
  • Host a fund-raiser event for your friends — a wine tasting, Tupperware Party, slumber party or Bunco Party where you can collect donations for the fund.
  • Have a bake sale, yard sale, or craft fair and donate your proceeds to “Project Pink.”
  • Remember a friend who is battling, or has lost the fight against breast cancer with a Honorarium or Memorial Donation to the fund.
  • Share your great fund-raising ideas with us! Call Carey at (509) 725-2979 ext. 1139 to see how you or your group can help us win the war against Breast Cancer right here in Lincoln County!

“Project Pink”
Lincoln Hospital Foundation
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