Smoking Cessation

Three Ways to Kick the Habit for Good!

Option #1

Millions of people, including many North Basin Medical Clinics patients, are getting great results with the smoking cessation medication CHANTIX. In fact, Pfizer Pharmaceutical cites a 44 percent success rate after just three weeks using this prescription method.

How does CHANTIX work? It blocks the “pleasure center” in the brain that gives you the nicotine rush when you light up. Without that rush, the body doesn’t want cigarettes anymore.

CHANTIX has its own support plan called “GET QUIT”. Not only is there a 24-hour hotline, but you can sign up for e-mail or telephone contact with a support expert!

How to get started

  • Call your insurance company to make sure your policy covers a smoking cessation appointment.
  • State Medicare recipients, contact Lincoln County Public Health at 509.725.2913 ext. 22 to find out how to qualify for FREE Chantix through your state benefits.
  • Contact any North Basin Medical Clinic provider for an appointment.
  • Get your prescription at the pharmacy
  • Sign up with Pfizer’s “GET QUIT” support plan and/or join the “Freedom from Smoking” support group at the LC Health Department (see option #3).
  • Follow the plan and keep up with your support group.

For an appointment with a North Basin Medical Clinics provider, call

  • Davenport Clinic  509.725.2528
  • Rearan Clinic       509.796.2737
  • Wilbur Clinic        509.647.5321


Find out more about CHANTIX. Log on to

Option #2

The Washington State QUITLINE is available to all Washington residents — including you! This service is FREE and includes the following…

  • Quit assistance from certified experts.
  • Cessation reading materials & work books.
  • 2 weeks minimum of nicotine replacement therapy in the form of patches or gum.
  • Have the option to join the “Freedom from Smoking” classes listed below.

How to get started

  • Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW

Option #3

The Lincoln County Health Department offers an 8-session course to help you kick the habit. The FREEDOM FROM SMOKING class is led by Danita Hammond, LCHD Smoking Cessation Coordinator. This program will walk you through the steps of how to quit successfully. The course discusses…

  • Nicotine replacement options
  • Healthy ways to cope with stress
  • Planning for your official Quit Day!
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • What to when the speed bumps trip you up
  • Dealing with cravings and other physical side effects including weight gain
  • How to tell others you’re quitting
  • Dealing with unsupportive friends & family
  • Any other crazy thing that come up!

How to get started

  • Call 725-9213 ext 22

Quit Smoking Now

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