Surgical Services

Lincoln Hospital is proud to have a highly respected board certified general surgeon — Deanna Davidson, DO. Dr. Davidson has been practicing at Lincoln Hospital since 1995 and has built a solid reputation as a quality surgeon who listens to her patient’s needs.

She is surrounded by highly trained professional staff that puts compassion and patient needs at the forefront of every procedure. Personalized care with the utmost confidentiality is her specialty. There is no need to travel to Spokane for surgery as advanced surgical techniques are done right here in Davenport.

And safety is at the forefront of Dr. Davidson’s practice. She adheres to federal regulations for same site surgery and Lincoln Hospital has one of the lowest complication and infection rates in Washington State.

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General Surgery

Dr. Davidson specializes in traditional & laparoscopic abdominal and gynecological surgery, including…

Abdominal: Appendix (laparoscopic)
                           Gall Bladder (laparoscopic)
                           Hernias (laparoscopic and open, with a withcut mesh)
                           Intestinal (cancer, scar tissue, blockages)
Breast: Biopsies, cancer surgery (lumpectomy and mastectomy)
Endoscopy: Colonoscopy
                            Scope of bladder
                            Upper endoscopy
Gynecologic: Endometriosis (laparoscopic)
                               Hysterectomy with/without ovaries (laparoscopic, vaginal, and open)
                               Ovarian cysts (laparoscopic)
                               Prolapsed bladder, rectum, or uterus
                               Scope of uterus
                               Tubal Sterilization ( laparoscopic)
Skin/Fat: excision of lumps, lesions, and cancers
Veins: Insertion of parts or central IVs (catheters)
               Varicose/spider vein treatment

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Top Specialists available locally

We’re committed to providing our neighbors the best care available. That’s why we’ve contracted with the Inland Northwest’s top specialists to compliment our family practitioners. Visiting specialists come to Lincoln Hospital to provide surgical services. Some of our specialties include…

  • Orthopeadics
  • Cardiology

In addition to these specialists, local dental professionals are located on our medical campus and have hospital privileges to meet patient needs.

Anesthesia Services

An important part of your surgical experience, Anesthesia is provided by Nurse Anesthetist Steve Beckstrom, including…

  • IV Sedation
  • General Sedation
  • Epidural
  • Epidural Stacid Injection

It’s all about family

At Lincoln Hospital, patients stay close to friends and family making recovery much more enjoyable and convenient. We even have a private Family Room where families can wait for a loved one in surgery, celebrate a recovery, hold vigil, talk with a physician, or grieve a loss.

The Family Room is fully furnished and includes a television, VHS/DVD, radio/CD, phone, sink, microwave and dining table. We ask all our visitors and families to make themselves at home.

Lincoln Hospital has one of the lowest complication and infection rates in the state of Washington.