Occupational Therapy

Return to Independence with Occupational Therapy

Through Occupational Therapy, we teach you how to carry out your daily activities more easily after a stroke, surgery or major trauma. Some of these tasks include personal grooming, writing, eating and doing those once simple tasks around the home or job.

Sometimes, modifying your home or obtaining the right equipment can make a big difference. If reaching or gripping cause pain, or you have difficulty bending down to tie your shoes, our therapists can show you strategies and devices that help you regain independence and reduce pain.

There are hundreds of gadgets to make your life easier. Our staff lets you try out equipment before you purchase it so you don’t spend money unnecessarily. If you need a wheelchair during recovery, we can fit you with one.

Before you are discharged from in-patient services, we assess you in your home for safety and have all the equipment you need. Our therapists point out unsafe areas that might cause falls or injuries. We suggest how you can set up your workspace at home to enhance posture and prevent further injury. Your full recovery is our top priority.

At Lincoln Hospital Occupational Therapy, our goal is to help you get back to doing the things that make life worth living.

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