24-Hour Emergency Room

Emergency Care 24/7

Lincoln Hospital’s emergency room is staffed 24-hours daily with board certified physicians.

Both our physicians and nurses have all received advanced training in emergency and trauma procedures. This specialized training helps staff to provide rapid an accurate assessment of patient response to trauma and can significantly reduce the morbidity and mortality of trauma patients. Some of their training includes…

  • TNCC — Trauma Nurse Core Course
  • ACLS — Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • PALS — Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Neonatal Resuscitation

Lincoln Hospital is a pioneer in treating rural heart attack and stroke victims. Partnering with Sacred Heart Medical Center and Life Flight Network Critical Care Transport, we have shaved precious minutes off of diagnosis, stabilization and transport of cardiac and stroke victims with the Level One Cardiac Partnership and FAST Stroke Protocol.

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Save precious minutes

Lincoln Hospital has excellent equipment and the expertise to use it, with lab, radiology and surgical services just steps away from the ER.

  • Bi-Phasic Cardiac Defibrillator to “jumpstart” heart rhythms.
  • Braselow Pediatric Code Cart helps expedite trauma cases on our youngest patients.
  • “AutoPulse” Non-Invasive Cardiac Support Pump to perform chest compressions during CPR. It not only frees up staff to assist with other emergency care efforts, but the pump can do compressions longer and more accurately than manual CPR, keeping blood flowing to the heart and brain. It also gives an accurate computerized readout of the entire procedure for quality assurance.
  • Heli-Pad for fast helicopter transport by Life Flight Network

Tele-ER puts specialists in local ER 24/7

Seeing is believing — especially in the Emergency Room. Thanks to the Tele-ER System at Lincoln Hospital, local physicians are able to get expertise and guidance from their urban counterparts on tough trauma cases.

Using a highly sensitive camera, Tele-ER is a visual link from the Lincoln Hospital ER to the Life Flight communications center, and specialists at Sacred Heart and Deaconess medical centers. All locations have a video screen and remote operated video and audio so that specialists in Spokane can get a first hand look at patients being transported to them.

Local Ambulance and EMT crew

Lincoln Hospital is proud of our EMT crew. Coordinated by Lincoln Hospital, our EMTs are aggressive in their training, taking hundreds of hours of medical courses each year.

They run two ambulances, owned and maintained by Lincoln Hospital, with state-of-the art medical and extraction equipment on board. For patient and EMT safety, we even have a Power Lift Gurney. This motorized lift helps even a small EMT lift a larger patient in and out of the ambulance safely.

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Computerized Discharge System

Coming to the Emergency Room is stressful. To help patients and their families to continue care at home and follow physician instructions, Lincoln Hospital has installed a Computerized Discharge System. This state-of-the-art system gives patients a thorough readout of their condition and treatment, and gives step-by-step follow-up instructions for home care.