Cindy McCall, ARNP, Surgical Practice

Nurse Practitioner, Surgical Practice

Cindy McCall, ARNP, partners with general surgeon Deanna Davidson, DO, to bring comprehensive surgical services to Lincoln Hospital and North Basin Medical Clinics.


  • Pre-surgical office consultations
  • Post surgical follow up in clinic
  • Surgical circulator participating in most surgical procedures
  • Post surgical care


Cindy, along with Dr. Davidson, performs patient consults at the Davenport Clinic. For an appointment, call (509) 725-6560, Monday-Friday.

About me

Cindy McCall, a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner as well as the Surgery Supervisor, has joined Dr. Davidson on the clinical side of surgery as well. She sees patients in Dr. Davidson’s offices two afternoons a week for clinical work-ups, surgical follow-ups and repeat procedures.

“In short, she does lots of paperwork,” Dr. Davidson laughs of her partner’s duties. Seriously, Cindy joining the clinical practice is a big positive for Dr. Davidson whose practice has grown tremendously these past few years.

“Cindy is no ordinary Nurse Practitioner. She has more experience because of her surgical skills. Because she’s already on the surgical team, she sees patients before their procedures, during and after. She not only has knowledge of my cases, but she understands how I work. There’s a huge advantage to having her join the practice.”

When Cindy, a Reardan High School grad, first started helping Dr. Davidson, she was surprised by the sheer volume of work. “I couldn’t see how she could possibly see her patients for their 2-week surgical follow-ups and see her consults,” says Cindy. “I don’t know how she was doing it before.”

The pair saw that collaboration held real promise for all involved, especially the patients. “The goal here is to get patients in to surgery within one to two weeks. This translates into happier, healthier patients and a happier surgeon,” laughs Cindy, knowing that it’s been discouraging for Dr. Davidson to not be able to see all of her patients in as timely a manner as she’d like.

“In short, it’s a beautiful fit for me. I’m thrilled to be able to use my Nurse Practitioner training and surgery is my first love. This way I get to do both.”