Current Projects

Since 1989, Foundation volunteers have shared the commitment to high quality local healthcare with generous donors from across Lincoln County. We’re still committed — diligent and excited about our progress.

Giving Says You Care About Your Neighbors

2014 Goal

For 2014 the Foundation will raise funds for two new projects for a total cost of $15,600.

The Foundation’s goal is to purchase two portable patient bedside monitors and a new phlebotomy cart for the lab.

The patient bedside monitors aid in quality care when there is a heavy patient load. Currently, post-op patients who stay overnight cannot be monitored from the nurses station. The new monitors will allow remote monitoring of vital signs and cardiac rhythms with alarms for abnormal readings.

The phlebotomy cart for the lab will help our laboratory operate more efficiently. Currently, totes aren’t big enough and are taken into patient rooms and set down in inconvenient places. The cart would cut down on cross contamination in patient rooms and would be able to hold all the items that are needed.

Your donation toward these projects or to the Endowment Fund is a gift of health to future generations. Your tax deductible contribution truly does make a difference. A pledge card can be downloaded off this site. Just click here…

2013 Promises Fulfilled

This past year, the Foundation was able to fulfill its promise of over $20,000 toward the purchase of a new defibrillator for the Emergency Room. This was the highest goal the Foundation had set and through generous donors and supporters of Lincoln Hospital, the goal was reached. The defibrillator is currently installed and available for use in the ER at Lincoln Hospital.