Electronic Health Records

A better way to manage your family’s healthcare

Because your health is complex, Lincoln Hospital and North Basin Medical Clinics (NBMC) have invested in an electronic health record system to better manage all aspects of your health.

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) will allow your provider to…

  • Compile diagnosis & treatment notes in an easy to access format.
  • Instantly recall information from past visits.
  • Make graphs & charts to follow progress.
  • View test results and radiology studies with the push of a button.
  • Share information with specialists and collaborate on your treatment.
  • Receive important medical prompts to help diagnose illness more quickly and effectively, leading to better outcomes.
  • Track medications, check for drug interactions & send orders/refills to the pharmacy.
  • Print or e-mail charts, graphs, articles and drug information for you to study.

EPIC at North Basin Medical Clinics

Lincoln Hospital District 3 has partnered with Providence Health & Services Community Connect to implement a shared electronic health record (EHR) system known as EPIC. EPIC is the most highly rated EHR available today. The EHR will connect patients and physicians electronically, enabling higher quality, more personalized care throughout the region. Whenever patients are seen at any of the three North Basin Medical Clinics locations in Davenport, Wilbur, and Reardan, or at a Providence facility, health care providers will be able to work from the same comprehensive, continuously updated electronic record, creating real-time access to information. Read more here…

Special features

Thanks to awesome new technology, the EMR at all three of our clinics can even save you time by giving immediate results on important tests. Using special diagnostic tools plugged directly into the computer, your provider can log and interpret Spirometry (breathing test), EKG and cardiac holter monitor data instantly during your clinic visit. Plus, the information remains in the record for future comparison.

Will doctor’s visits change?

A computer is in each exam room at the Davenport and Wilbur clinics. The providers in Reardan carry an electronic tablet with them into the exam room. This tablet gives them wireless access to the EMR. With this computer, they will enter important diagnosis and treatment information during your visit.

While it may seem different to have your provider typing on a computer as they talk with you, rest assured the long-term result will be to your benefit. You and your doctor will get a clearer picture of your overall health and, over time, develop a better plan to manage your health needs — together.

How safe is your personal medical information?

Your personal medical information belongs to you. Our new Electronic Medical Record is compliant with national privacy regulations (HIPAA) to ensure that only qualified medical staff is able to access your health records.

For continuity, our NBMC providers will be able to view your records at all three clinics and Lincoln Hospital, and will only share pertinent medical information with specialists that you approve. Your record can be easily sent to a new provider should you move or need emergency care anywhere in the world.

The EMR is kept on our own secure server and is backed up at two different secure facilities throughout the country in case of natural disaster or emergency.